Travel Wristband


Travel Wristband

Product made of waterproof silicone with size regulator for pulses up to 23 CM.

Features: Waterproof and durable silicone wristband, containing: unique traveler identification alphanumeric code; QR code and NFC chip. Durability is indeterminate, depending on the handling conditions. Interaction not recommended with corrosive chemical agents and fire.

The benefits of our travel bracelet

  1. We backup your travel documents

Our secure digital platform allows you to back up your travel documents such as the contacts of your banks, credit cards, passport, driver´s license, museum and air tickets, hotels or Airbnb vacation rentals, travel insurance policy, travel agents and much more.

  1. You may store your medical data

Name and telephone of physicians, list of medication to take during the trip, name and contact phone of your travel medical insurance. You can even select which information can be public viewed when the QR code is read by the ER team.

  1. You can save and share your travel itinerary

You will be together with up to five people you trust the most in any part of the world. From China to Patagonia you can save and share all the steps of your journeys using our Android and IOS apps.

  1. Turn your journey unforgettable by storing your photos and videos

If you wish, you can create a digital album of your travels from our Apps, without the need of other applications or the use of popular social networks.

  1. A network of guardian angels for your protection

You can indicate up to five people of your trust to accompany your trips. Such unique and exclusive private travel social network acts like that last line of defense and company that cannot fail in during emergencies. When you read your exclusive QR code your angels will know the route and the places you decided to share. Such resource is very useful to monitor elderly people and children travels, among other benefits.

  1. An exclusive panic button for emergency rescuers (ER)

On reading the wristband QR code you will notice a panic button. When pressed it will turn the bracelet into a medical emergency band by showing your public medical profile. It will also display a form where the ER team will inform the basic details of the emergency, medical transportation, hospital location, etc. The message will be send instantly to the angels our traveler choose for support in such extreme situation. The ER team will not have access to your photos, messages or personal documents which you decided not to share.

  1. Always there for you

If if your cell phone is lost or stolen you can buy a new device access your account or download our application to resume the journey from where it was left off. All the data already recorded will be preserved in our system.

The above resources depend on access to mobile networks or Wi-Fi. Product made of waterproof silicone for pulses up to 9.05 inches or 23 centimeters. Please read our FAQ to get more details about our benefits.


Travel Wristband

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The iSphereTravelers personal bracelet incorporates QR code technology that allows us to identify our traveler, a way to get to know his medical profile in emergencies and the global geolocation he wants to share with his angels. See Terms of Service.

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