Travel Wristband


Travel Wristband

Product made of waterproof silicone with size regulator for pulses up to 23 CM.

Features: Waterproof and durable silicone wristband, containing: unique traveler identification alphanumeric code; QR code and NFC chip. Durability is indeterminate, depending on the handling conditions. Interaction not recommended with corrosive chemical agents and fire.


Identifies the iSphereTravelers ™ traveler and the resources for contact in cases of loss, theft or loss.

The product is also the means to record the global geolocation of the traveler, which he may want to share with the participants of his exclusive social network.

It allows access to medical data in emergencies, as well as triggering members of the private network of travelers to emergency contacts. *

* The traveler link to the iSphereTravelers ™ platform is required, in accordance with the Terms of Service.



Travel Wristband

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The iSphereTravelers personal bracelet incorporates QR code technology that allows us to identify our traveler, a way to get to know his medical profile in emergencies and the global geolocation he wants to share with his angels. See Terms of Service.

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