Pet Tracker


Pet Tracker

Product manufactured in aluminum and resistant epoxy, with steel fixing ring.

Features: Epoxy label, waterproof and durable, containing: unique alphanumeric identification code of the pet; QR Code.

Durability is indeterminate, depending on the handling and interaction conditions not recommended with corrosive chemical agents and fire. Benefits: Identifies pet iSphereTravelers ™ and allows contact in case of loss, theft or loss of animal.

Pet owners do not need to fill forms with personal data and material subject to deterioration. * Animal donors, as well as their angels, are notified of the pet’s location as soon as the QR code is read, anywhere in the world!


Pet Tracker

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The iSphereTravelers pet tag incorporates QR code technology, which allows pets to be identified by our travelers. It is useful for communication in case of loss, theft or loss of the animal, according to the Terms of Use.

If a person finds the pet and reads the QR code, he will open an email form in his own language and detail the contact form for the return of the pet. In addition, the angels chosen by the traveler will receive an automatic message about the location of the animal, also in their own language.

Made of aluminum sheet coated with high resistance epoxy material.

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