It is the European brand for travel accessories supported by a digital platform to protect travelers of any age, anywhere in the world. It aims the digital protection and backup of documents such as passports, vouchers, driver’s licenses, among others, that can be lost or stolen on a trip.

By completing your registration you will be able to select different types of information that you want to keep and share, including the use of medicines during the trip, which will be alerted by our systems.

The platform is also a base of support in situations of medical emergencies, natural catastrophes and the sharing of the entire trip in a private social network.

When downloading our apps, travelers will also have features integrated into a single tool, such as a camera, document scanner, QR code reader, passport reader, and much more.

By purchasing iSphere products our travelers will be able to select up to 5 people they trust to share the trip and all their emergency information, plus photos, movies, tips and impressions they will discover on each trip.

These people will be like their “guardian angels”, and can be triggered whenever our travelers activate their unique QR codes.

The number of 5 people has been defined from qualitative research, aimed at moving away iSphere from common social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.

Another objective was to limit the network to improve a security control by our travelers, who are solely responsible for the indications and the sharing of their data. They are expected to select only people they trust the most.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, among others, are important social networks, in which we integrate hundreds or thousands of people. But we do not always have a trusting relationship with everyone in order to share our most personal data. Especially, we want to have the people most involved with us if we need to ask for help for a health issue, or another travel emergency.

In addition, in a large network there is the possibility of theft and use of our personal data, then used as “merchandise” for third parties. We adopt the best digital security protocols, but what sets us apart is our market positioning.

It’s that iSphere products are not our travelers. Therefore, we do not need the money from our operations to come from the sale of personal data, or consumer behavior, for example. iSphere’s business is the sale of travel accessories backed up by a digital backup service for remote support to its customers.

Bracelets, luggage and pets tags are the main products. They rely on QR code technology, which can be used from any mobile device.

We believe that all journeys are opportunities to live good experiences. But problems like the loss or theft of your cell phone and your documents can happen. In addition, everyone is subject to accident or sudden illness, and we have no way to warn friends and distant relatives.

In these cases, iSphere acts as that last emergency feature that can help lessen the unexpected hassles of our travelers.

All our products are important depending on the needs of our travelers. Each person’s basic kit is comprised of the purchase of a wristband and one or more luggage tags.

The bracelet is the most important product for the purpose of location and digital recording of the traveler’s location, as well as other key features during a trip, especially in medical emergencies.

It is very useful for the angels to know the route and the places that the travelers visited and that they decided to share among the angels. In order to do that it is very important that travelers read the QR codes of their wristbands, preferably daily and whenever they have access to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi networks.

For medical emergencies the bracelet contains the laser engraved symbol of “Star of Life” along with the unique QR code. This symbol is recognized internationally by the teams of emergency rescuers (ER), and is present in practically any ambulance and hospital around the world.

By visually identifying the symbol in our wristbands, rescuers will understand that the carrier has some type of information resource that may be useful in the emergency, such as blood type, allergies, medicines used, medical insurance, among other data that the traveler decided to share in these cases.

When reading the QR code the rescuer will open a screen on his mobile containing an emergency red button that, when triggered, will lead to the public medical profile of traveler. He will not have access to photographs, messages or personal documents of our travelers.

The activation of the emergency button also has another valuable function that is to trigger a warning (push) to the angels. They will know that their protégés have had some kind of medical occurrence, and will contact them to find out what may have happened, and so take the necessary steps.

Because iSphere products cost very little and offer many advantages. They are the means to access a technological structure, at your disposal 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. They can do a lot for you, as well as reassure people who care about your safety and protection on a trip.

It will depend on the frequency and the way you want and can access the Internet and share your trip. iSphere has advanced geolocation capabilities, which depends on reading our QR codes (activation), usually via mobile phones. This requires you to download our application while connected to the network of data transmission, either by mobile phones or Wi-Fi. It is the travelers who determines the time and place of activation. If you require privacy just do not activate the products.

When scanned our products offer the possibility to identify and archive the places where our travelers are or where they passed, including the geographical coordinates and the time of reading.

These data can also be known by the “guardian angels” to accompany the trip in near real time. This is very important to locate our travelers in cases of emergencies, long absence of contact, among other situations.

But being a passive technology, we repeat, it is critical that our travelers activate (read) their QRs to access all the features of our technology. For example, when leaving their hotels or residences, have coffee, during meals, visit to a tourist spot and so on.

Most of these locations have access to Wi-Fi networks, while in many countries it is already possible to purchase temporary plans for mobile phones, which allow access to the internet and the reading and transmission of each QR Code to our platform.

Yes and no. The products have no determinate life, but the services do. In our research we found that the most common holiday trips last, on average, about 20 days. When purchasing our product our travelers receives free of charge up to 30 days of service coverage after having triggered their products at the beginning of the trip. By the way, we sent them an email reminder within two days before that date.

After the deadline the travel data remains in our systems for the required legal term and then deleted. We will only keep the basic customer registration for future purchases and access to our offers. iSphere never voluntarily shares or sells travelers’ data after the agreed time limit.

There are longer-term sale packages for frequent travelers, for periods of up to 180 days. Please check the options in our store.

No. It’s a travel accessory. You purchase, register the product and set up your account before you travel. The product may be discarded after the trip ends, stored as a souvenir or preserved for a new trip by purchasing an additional time plan from our store. Some customers also use the wristband as a sports accessory, which is feasible since services access is assured.

We work with technologies for reading and connecting data through wireless resources for short, small and medium range. Our services depends on three essential elements for operation: a reader, an antenna and a tag, usually incorporated into the product. The best known are: a) RFID (radio frequency identification), also known by the terms transponder, tag or tag, which can be: i) active, when it has a battery to receive, process and transmit data; ii) passive, without battery and used only to retrieve and process data; b) NFC (near field communication) and the Beacon system.

Those interested in these technologies can deepen their studies by searching for other sources of information, but the important thing here is to clarify that by having knowledge and access to all existing technologies, iSphere opted for QR code (quick response code) a passive technology which does not require a power source to be activated. Please check here some examples of creative uses for QR code technology.

Click here if you want to know the history of QR code technology.

The QR Code is a bi dimensional code, laser engraved in our products. It is a passive technology because the code is not activated with batteries, such as Bluetooth accessories and transponders with GPS or NFC, for example. This means that our travelers must activate their unique QR code (usually by mobiles), which will direct the reading to our private and secure internet address (https). Only from there will they activate our platform and the services available.

Thus, activation of QR code is only possible as long as our travelers have access to Wi-Fi networks or cellular services that allow the exchange of data.

Click here  if you want to know some features of the use of this technology in Japan.

iSphere products incorporate sophisticated technology, but because they are utilitarian accessories they are not designed to be objects of desire and interest by thieves. But if that happens, we remind you that each product has unique code and ID for access to services protected by passwords created and managed by our travelers.

If someone tries to use the product, other than their rightful owner, the person will only have access to the traveler’s basic profile at the cost of alerting “guardian angels” who will know all reading locations.

Access to the traveler’s complete register is only possible with the use of their unique password. In case of loss our travelers should contact our support center by email: so that we can take the cancellation of the product, if applicable.

Our basic bracelet is made of composite silicone, an unscented material and usually anti-allergic for temporary use while traveling. We have not yet had news of allergy problems by our travelers, but we see that you might want to consult your dermatologist before you start using the product.

As for our trackers, they are resin-coated aluminum, and do not lend themselves to being fixed to the skin.

If you do not use mobile phones you can also buy iSphere products, set them up from your home computer and take them on your trip, updating your data whenever you have access to a computer while traveling. The 5 people you indicated will know of your travel itinerary.

But in order to access the main benefits of our platform is necessary to have a mobile. If any emergency happens, first responders or police officers will be able to find out about your medical history and family contacts as long as you read our QR codes from your cell phones equipped with any application that reads QR Codes. Our apps are equipped with such tool.

But if our travelers loses their phones they can buy a new device while traveling, download our application, access their accounts and resume the journey from where it were left off. The data already recorded will be preserved in our system.

We use two means of delivery: the mail service from Portugal and DHL. The mail service offer the most economical shipment but at the cost of an unpredictable delivery time which can vary from one to a few weeks, depending on buyer’s location.

DHL service costs more, but it is an express service, which guarantees delivery within 3 to 5 calendar days after posting, practically anywhere in the world.

If our travelers are in a hurry, we recommend that they use DHL’s services, as the post office does not guarantee delivery times.

In both cases the freight amount shown in our store already includes handling and delivery costs.

Payment options

Our store have the resources to accept hundreds of currencies, all major credit and debit cards, popular eWallets and bank transfers like ACH and SEPA Direct Debit.

We can also count with the most comprehensive fraud stack and risk management solutions.

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